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The reductions announced by Procter Gamble will narrow the price spread between its brands and the private label diapers. Effective May 17, the company is reducing the price of Pampers by 5% and cutting Luvs prices by 16%. The company said it is slashing Luvs prices more deeply because it is repositioning the product as a "medium priced" diaper.

9) Learn aMartial Art/Juggling/Something Active and Physical. Ok you would think you would need a club for this, normally yes, but there is a quick alternative. Stick on your favourite song then type your desired exercise into YouTube, jump around, expend some excess energy, (you may find even if it doesn't seem like you have any that you will enjoy this and tap hidden depths. Exercise is a great way to relax and in your own room you can do it how you like).

BonneBell Blend 'n Glow: Use as a light blush and bronzing powder, Blend 'n Glow comes in soft, pretty natural shades for different skin tones. Blend 'n Glow features a pressed powder palette with sponge applicator. Blend 'n Glow goes sheer and fresh. Perfect for a young tween or teen just beginning to wear make up. I use a little Blend 'n Glow Sun kissed bronzer on my legs when I dress up. It gives them a nice sheen without having to wear nylons. Blend 'n Glow costs one half to one third the price of other bronzers, too. cosmetics and make up are a great place to find fun make up for younger girls. products are less expensive than most other make up and cosmetic brands. My girls love their fun colors of nail polish and eye color.

Numerous studies have documented health problems in animals exposed to trace amounts of BPA. "Baby's Toxic Bottle", a recent report by several environmental and public health groups, found that six major brands of baby bottles in the US and Canada leached BPA into the bottles' contents when heated. Depending on the brand, each bottle leached between 5 8 parts per billion of BPA. According to the study, "laboratory experiments with animals show that exposure to this level of bisphenol A causes a range of adverse effects."